Pastor's Corner

Speaker: Pastor Whittington

Scripture: John 5: 1-15

Subject: Challenge to change


The story of Jesus healing at the pool of Bethesda may be divided into 3 parts.

1. The MIRACLE is performed. (1-9)

2. The MASTER is persecuted. (10-16)

3. The MURDER is planned. (16-18)

Bethesda is Aramic (Hebrew) means "House of Mercy"

The multitude was WAITING and WATCHING for the moving of the WATER.


Speaker: Pastor Whittington

Scripture:: John 5: 1-15

Subject: Challenge to change (Part 2)


Here are three reasons why Jesus reacts toward the impotent man...

Jesus SAW him; Jesus saw him laying there wishing, watching, and waiting for the moving of the waters.

Jesus KNEW him; Jesus knew that he had been there for a long time in his condition.

Jesus ASKED him; Jesus asked him, do you want to be made whole?

Jesus spoke three simple commands to the impotent man.

1. RISE up! (Released)

2. TAKE up! (Reminder)

3. WALK up! (Restored)





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