Pastor's Corner

Speaker: Pastor Whittington

Scripture: Matthew 7:24-29

Subject: When the storm is over I'll still be standing!


Jesus defined a wise man to be those who RECEIVE and OBEY His word.

Jesus defined a foolish man to be those who REJECT and DISOBEY His word.

Both the wise and the foolish HEARD the word, but both didn't RESPOND the same.

Both the wise and the foolish accomplished building a HOUSE.

Both the wise and the foolish went through the same STORM.

Both the wise and the foolish didn't come out the SAME.

When the storm was over only the wise was found still STANDING.


Speaker: Pastor Whittington

Scripture: Job 1:21,22 & James 1:12

Subject: Standing on the promises of God!



1. There is NONE like Job in all the earth.

2. Job was PERFECT (blameless, upright) before God.

3. Job was UPRIGHT (fair, righteous) before men.

4. Job FEARED (respect, honored) God.

5. Job ESCHEWED (respect, honored) evil.

God PROMISED we shall wear a crown if we can STAND through the test. James 1:12





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