Pastor's Corner

Speaker: Pastor Whittington

Scripture: Exodus 3:9-11

Subject: Hello!


1. Moses was once an Egyptian PRINCE, and became a Hebrew SHEPHERD.

2. God captures Moses attention by REVEALING himself by the burning bush.

3. God's voice CALLED Moses by his name.

4. God called Moses, because He had a PURPOSE for him.

5. Moses once said, "HERE I AM Lord" now he says, "WHO AM I Lord?"


Speaker: Pastor Whittington

Scripture: Matthew 27:31-33

Subject: Outsourced Help!


1. This particular incident with Simon is mentioned in all three SYNOPTIC gospels.

2. Mark provides us the information that Simon was the father of two boys named ALEXANDER and RUFUS.

3.Luke mentioned to us that Simon was on his way out of the country, and there was a TEARFUL crowd FOLLOWING Jesus.

4. Matthew tells us what country Simon is from, which is CYRENE.

5. To prove yourself as a DISCIPLE one must be able to bear his own cross.

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